Giving space for every meaningful aspiration

At Tredence, we know that growth begins at the intersection of problem-solving and learning. And to achieve that, we need passionate people who apply analytical thought to deliver the best outcomes, who take ownership of what they do and the impact it creates, who can bring their enthusiasm for growth to Tredence, and eagerly go beyond possible with us.

Our culture starts with you

Our story has evolved as those who joined us brought in their own passion and persistence - each an entrepreneur, but building the larger honeycomb to support the hive that is Tredence today.



I wanted to work in consulting due to the project-based work environment. The change in scope of work by project is great for building experience across industries. At Tredence, I love that I was given a lot of responsibility early on in my project. I like traveling and seeing new cities and I am looking forward to bringing value to clients and seeing our projects and work come to fruition.

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So far, I have been responsible for learning key technologies for my project, such as navigating GCP and functions such as Big Query. I really like my cohort of other analysts as well as the opportunity to learn things I didn’t have a chance to focus on in school. That’s what inspired me to join Tredence - getting an opportunity to develop in-demand tech skills. I’m looking forward to working with data analytics across different spheres, learning the relevant software and techniques for wrangling them.

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Associate Manager

My journey with Tredence has been exciting because of the rapid learning in the fast-paced environment, and the opportunity to solve challenging business problems to deliver the best outcomes.

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Associate Manager

What excites me about working in Tredence is the team I work with, the steady work-life balance and, more importantly, the personal development and growth through the ample learning opportunities we get in the organization. I keep challenging myself to be the best version of myself.

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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

It informs the way we support communities and helps our people show up as their best selves. As an equal opportunity employer, we’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce. We believe that different perspectives help us tackle challenges innovatively.

We believe in giving new voices a way to be heard and new ideas a place to thrive, and we make it a priority all the way to the top. We emphasize on giving opportunities to all our people and encouraging each one to be leaders and entrepreneurs in their work. It’s not just the right thing to do; it helps us all win.

Our learning pathways

help in your skill-based development


Everest program - a mini-MBA

We coach and mentor our young leaders for tomorrow’s challenges


Ankit Pathak

Senior Manager – Analytics

“The Everest Program has helped bring out leadership qualities and skills that we know are quintessential but need guidance on how to nurture them. Early on, I learned how to recognize our personality types, the areas we need to focus on, and how to quickly adjust my approach to become a more effective communicator and leader.”


Weekly Agenda for Lots of Learning (WALL)

We share our achievements, strategies, and learnings through storytelling


Manish Thapliyal


“WALL to me is a platform where the CURIOUS YOU is always alive - both as a LISTENER and as a SPEAKER. I got the chance to speak in front of 200+ individuals and was appreciated a lot by the audience. Needless to say, it pumped me up with another level of confidence altogether.”


Harvard ManageMentor

We help managers build leadership skills by sponsoring their program, including Spark


Akhilesh Das

Associate Principal

“I took a few courses from Harvard Manage Mentor and found it was very helpful. They are very short, crisp, clear, and are arranged so that everybody can understand the contents, videos, and quizzes easily and apply them in their professional and personal work areas on a day-to- day basis.”


Full Stack Analyst Program (FSAP)

We strengthen fundamentals and process rigor through engineering best practices


G Keerthana


“It was a great learning experience. The program was designed in manner that people without technical knowledge were able to cope well. Capstone projects provided hands-on experience on knowledge incorporated during learning. Special mention to the Tredence team for always staying connected and organizing regular meets with seniors.”


DE Training & Certifications

We offer various learning paths for participants to prepare towards technical certifications


Suragani Srikanth

Analyst – Analytics

“It was an excellent learning opportunity for a newcomer to receive Google Cloud Services training. The course material was well-designed. During the training, I received invaluable assistance in resolving my numerous doubts. They inspired me to learn cloud architecture and become an expert in the use of cloud computing services.”


ASHTA (Adjacent Skills Lateral Hire Train Allocate)

We help newly hired laterals build their skills and flex their muscles before diving into new projects


Suman Yadav

Technology Consultant

“ASTHA is a good initiative for newly joined laterals to learn new technologies. My experience with ASTHA was good as the technologies I learnt are very useful to move in the right direction for my career growth. It provided me with a platform to interact with multiple people and helped me attain adequate skills to perform better at my job.”

Other exciting learning paths


Tredence Academy for Learning & Leadership (TALL)

We come together to learn foundational generalist skills for everyday problem-solving


You learn, we pay

We encourage you to pursue your learning plans by backing you with educational assistance when you need it

Our benefits

help you live your best life


Comprehensive health plans

We make your wellbeing a priority, so you can get the care you need at the right time


Family Support

Parental leaves for childbirth or adoption and day care services, so you get the support you need to succeed


Flexible work timing

Why juggle your responsibilities when you can maintain a healthy work-life balance?


1-to-1 Wellness programs

Get confidential 24x7 e-counseling, wellness coaching, online health risk assessment tools, e-workshops, and advice on personal issues


Easing into the weekend – no calls on Friday afternoons

The second half of Fridays are set as silent hours to reclaim your focus