Leveraging generative AI to galvanize growth

Generative AI is poised to drive workforce productivity and accelerate innovation worldwide. McKinsey projects that generative AI will automate 60 to 70 percent of employees’ work today and unlock $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion in potential annual value across dozens of high-value enterprise use cases. However, enterprises need to solve:


Business challenges:

Generative AI hallucinates outcomes, may demonstrate bias, and can’t ensure security and compliance.


Technical challenges:

Generative AI solutions must be customized to use cases and need to incorporate diverse data sizes and formats.


Operational challenges:

Large-language model (LLM) and API costs can soar if not well-managed.

Tredence provides cross-disciplinary capabilities, from generative AI consulting to user experience (UX) design, model development, governance, change management, and ongoing managed services. We develop domain-specific models that are trained on a specialized corpus and are paired with extensive dialogue interactions or dialogue-annotated data to execute higher-level tasks. And enterprise teams can tap our ecosystem of hyperscalers and data and AI independent software vendors (ISVs) to expedite value.

Quick wins

End-to-end prescriptive GenAI services to unlock growth, revenue realization, and new opportunities

Gain end-to-end services and solutions to create a generative AI structure that scales. Work with Tredence to develop a strategy, business case, technology strategy, and roadmap; reimagine value-chain processes; and create a new business architecture and domain-specific corpus. We also provide UX expertise, industrialized GenAI consulting and delivery capabilities, and managed services to scale model development.

Create a scalable GenAI structure with Tredence

Partner with Tredence to gain access to skillsets, frameworks, tools, and partnerships that help you unlock more value from generative AI. Experiment, deploy more use cases, and roll out new capabilities at speed.

Leverage GenAI accelerators you can deploy within weeks

We offer domain-specific accelerators that simplify processes, help teams drive to insight, and can easily be customized to enterprise requirements.

Why choose us?


Tap full-spectrum generative AI skills

Including LLM engineering, development, operations and platform engineering.


Access cross-disciplinary expertise

From data and AI strategy-setting and execution to customer analytics, marketing technology, supply chain, and more.


Put generative AI accelerators to work

Gain enterprise search, knowledge management, software development, and other capabilities.


Access ATOM.AI

Harness the power of the ecosystem to develop vertical solutions at pace.


Leverage LLMOps and managed services

Including model development, monitoring, reporting, and continuous improvement and keep your focus on innovation.

Speed your path to generative AI success with Tredence.