Mitigate out-of-stock incidents before they happen with on-hand actionable insights

Shoppers encounter an out-of-stock (OOS) as often as once in three shopping trips, according to IHL Group research. On-shelf availability (OSA) is the single biggest challenge in Retail. Retailers are missing out on nearly $1 trillion in global sales because they do not have on-hand what customers want to buy in their stores.

According to ECR, a 2% improvement in on-shelf availability is worth 1% in increased sales for retailers. The impact of OOS is not limited to just loss of revenue, but also a loss of loyalty and share and others:

Tredence is focused on solving the last mile problem in analytics and works with the largest retailers on the planet to understand the nuances of modeling out-of-stock (OOS) to develop on-shelf availability solutions.

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