Get prescriptive recommendations at the inflection point of decision to deliver better travel and hospitality experiences to customers

Travel and hospitality businesses sit on a treasure trove of customer data, but only a fraction of it is used to generate meaningful and actionable insights. This can be attributed to multiple reasons:


The absence of a Single Source of Truth

as lack of data optimization and governance make cloud migration an incomplete and ineffective endeavor.


Lack of a scalable insight generation engine

obsolete analytic approaches are too slow to create real-time recommendations that drive customer interactions.


Black box solutions are insufficient

as the complex and inflexible solutions require too many resources for implementation and interpretation to drive value.

Owing to a paradigm shift in this industry in the last couple of years, companies across the globe are focusing more on increasing their resilience, sustainability, and their ability to acquire and retain customers at a lower cost. At Tredence, we provide AI and advanced analytics for the hospitality and travel management industry to mitigate risks and accentuate their profitability, so they can focus on turning insights into action and realize value faster.

Journey to better customer insights
Quick wins

Advanced cost-efficient AI & ML white-box solutions to decrease time to insights

With a treasure trove of customer data as a foundation, companies should leverage the same using modernized hospitality and travel management analytics, data architecture and advanced cognitive capabilities. With AI-enabled insights solutions and accelerators built on full-stack expertise, we go beyond possible to democratize insights and power analytics in the last mile, so your speed to value improves by 50%.

Navigate through your troves of data with ease to derive insights that help you serve customers better, reduce costs, and maximize ROI

We build custom white box solutions to deliver last-mile adoption of insights and impact, with the tools to sustain them cost-effectively.

The Tredence advantage

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Boost your time to value

with our proprietary suite of +30 solution accelerators

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Enhance customer experiences

by understanding your customers and personalizing your messaging across omnichannel touchpoints

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Maximize your efficiency

by leveraging the full-stack expertise of our 1300 data scientists

Navigate the last mile in analytics with us