Enable key decisions rapidly across the experimentation journey with deeper, configurable metrics and, holistic performance view

To meet fast-paced shifts in customer behavior today, enterprises are looking at test and learn solutions to accelerate their experiments to value. But many platforms still struggle with scattered experimentation features, lack of metrics customization, disconnect with past similar experiments, and limited focus on indirect triggers. This not only slows down the campaign cycle and hence, time-to-value, significantly, but also leads to inaccurate insights.

The Test and Learn Platform (TALP) is a one-stop, end-to-end experimentation platform to plan, design, execute, and learn from campaign cycles. Sense and respond to course changes from experiments quickly and scale them to the real world successfully. Leverage our expertise to address your experimentation paradigm at scale with a built-in master database for ready design features, dive deeper into performance triggers with a configurable interface, and get actionable, winning recommendations from previous campaigns to maximize the value of your current experiments.

Why choose us?


30% more confidence on campaign reads and insights


25% lift in incremental value with in-flight campaign adjustments


40% lift in win-back campaign responses with suggestions on relevant customers

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