Transform customer experiences, scale operations and power your growth opportunities with AI-driven telecom analytics

TMT organizations are not only at the forefront of adoption of AI, but they also help other industries transform. Tredence is there to power the change.


AI-enabled Telecom Analytics Solutions

In the highly competitive world of telecommunications, we help clients improve operations and delight customers. AI/ML is used in applications ranging from supply chain optimization and predictive forecasting models to digital personalization and optimized retail planning.


AI-powered Media Analytics Solutions

Next-generation monetization across franchises is key to the growth of our media clients. Mature data engineering practices along with BI and visualization tool expertise will help clients get a complete view of user activity.


AI-led Analytics Solutions for Technology

In the rapidly changing technology industry, enterprise clients want to control their data and transform their business models. Whether it is a shift to subscription-based models or developing insight platforms to drive sales, they are looking for telecom analytics solutions that will help them stay ahead.

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Technology solutions that blend ideas with insights for returns on innovation

We recognize that TMT companies are on unique journeys and must evolve their business models in ways specific to their market position. One size does not fit all. That is why our AI-led accelerators are attractive to our clients. We meet you where you are with AI/ML telecom analytics solutions that are mature enough to help you take a leap forward but can still be customized to your needs. Whether it is supply chain optimization, telecom data analytics for a company, customer analytics for a move to SaaS, leveraging IOT data, or cost-effective cloud migration, our services help clients find and extract incremental value.

Our services help you manage technology disruptions by combining AI-led telecom data analytics expertise with ingenuity to deliver sustained growth and build trust. Take charge of the digital demand by adopting new technologies to tackle latency issues. Leverage our services to enhance connectivity and unlock prescriptive recommendations to elevate your content mix across channels. Implement AI-led telecom data analytics across your business to produce measurable results in customer experience, personalization, supply chain improvement, and machine learning implementations.

We help you enable and transform businesses from various industries with proprietary accelerators and solutions that help you meet changing customer needs and network requirements.

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