Embrace industrial IoT solutions and services for real-time decision intelligence and impact at every stage of your value chain

Industries thrive on interconnected processes and systems brought about by Industrial IoT and Industry X.0, where integrating digital technologies like AI and IoT analytics at every step of the process, results in better efficiencies. But piece-meal automation and digitization leave them operating in silos. The unintegrated data and applications result in less than useful outcomes and diminishes your system-wide visibility and control. In addition, inefficiencies in your manufacturing nodes restrict your ability to make informed decisions.

To realize the true value of your supply chain transformation investments, Tredence helps you unify and leverage cyber-physical systems across your manufacturing value chain. We empower businesses to integrate the physical with the digital and lead high-impact and focused Industry X.0 initiatives and Industrial IoT solutions with digitization as the means, and dramatic efficiency boosts as the ends.

Adopt contextual edge to cloud, AI-powered industrial IoT services

Adopt contextual edge to cloud, AIoT solutions that unify your ecosystems

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Dedicated center of excellence (CoE) for A IoT, smart manufacturing,Edge AI Edge AI and digital twins


Deploy end-to-end, enterprise-grade AI-powered industrial IoT solutions for industry X.0 initiatives


Support in creating resilient cyber-physical frameworks & solutions for stable manufacturing operations

Kickstart value realization from your industry 4.0 investments with us