Get the bigger picture and sharper segmentation with 360° customer data insights

In the noisy digital space, businesses need to fine-tune their message to specific audiences to make themselves heard and convert shoppers faster. But such targeting is not possible without a comprehensive view of the customer data and tight segmentation based on their motivations to convert. Marketers and CX practitioners require a 360° view of their customers through the integrated analysis of their behavior, profile, predictions, and 3rd party data. The lack of such holistic customer data insights leads to ineffective targeting, unsuccessful marketing campaigns, poor customer experience, and reduced ROI.

Our Customer Explorer accelerator allows marketers and CX professionals to create precise and targeted customer segments, integrating customer data across behaviors, profiles, and third-party data. It helps you compare multiple segments, identify the correct marketing strategy, and automate customer experience management for you to reach the right audience at the right time, but at lower costs.

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Real-time analysis of 360° customer data


End-to-end analytics for marketers to compare and contrast profile & behaviors of multiple segmentsEnd-to-end CX analytics for marketers to compare and contrast profile & behaviors of multiple segments


Custom-built segmentation pages to set up campaigns within hours

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