Equip your AI/ML systems with the convenience of XAI’s plug-and-play model interpretations

AI/ML models are being deployed across enterprise domains for prediction and decision-making, and the responsibility for making these predictions and decisions has shifted from humans on to the machines. This can only be sustained if there is a degree of trust and confidence in the models. The need for explainability is imperative to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of predictions and decisions made by your training models. But black box models and ML algorithms that haven’t been integrated with AI-based model interpretation solutions can hamper progress and delay value realization significantly.

Leverage our explainable AI accelerator for end-to-end exploratory data analysis of your training and scoring data sets, so you can lift the lid on your models and get a clearer understanding of their workings. As an AI solutions company, we help you derive intelligible insights from your models and verify the explanation through analysis. Reduce downtime during setup with the convenience of plug-and-play by feeding model objects as inputs and improve time-to-value.

Why choose us?


Visualize model behavior through counterfactual insights from model probing


Test model performance between defined target classes and within the local scope

Build confidence in your AI/ML models with our explainable AI solutions