Near-real-time visibility with E2E traceability and prescriptive analytics to mitigate risks and improve supply chain efficiency

The modern supply chain, a complicated maze of links and nodes, keeps the economy and market moving forward. The central cog in this machinery, the end product, undergoes a linear journey from the point of its origin to the point of destination. And when this journey remains invisible or untraceable, it becomes difficult to identify and act on issues. Navigating this maze demands a paradigm shift in how businesses operate. As consumer preferences shift towards timely, sustainable products, and regulatory requirements increase, the industry must adopt a circular supply chain that is transparent and cost-effective. But what’s at stake?

Brand Reputation, Financial Repercussions Due to Lack of Visibility during Recalls Compliance and Data Standards
Traceability makes it easy to manage recalls efficiently and quickly, as delays and indecision during recall would damage brand reputation and lead to heavy losses. According to Sedgwick, nearly 1.5 billion products in the US were recalled in 2022. A prime example is Kellogg’s $110 million loss in product recalls because of salmonella contamination in one of its cereal products. Regulatory compliances are getting stricter by the day. E.g., section 204 (d) of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act specifies that establishing traceability is one of the core elements of its New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint. Yet, the lack of standardized data across the supply chain industry hinders a unified, industry-wide approach to E2E traceability.

Imagine a supply chain that breathes and evolves with your business, each link seamlessly connected from the genesis of a purchase order to the final product resting in the hands of the consumer – that not only tracks and traces the physical journey of a product but also its metamorphosis from raw material to finished goods.

Tredence Trace360.AI is one such solution that helps supply chain professionals track and trace products at any given stage, manage recalls with surgical precision, forecast inventory needs, and improve the efficiency of supply chain operations. With Trace360.AI, organizations can achieve a 4-5% reduction in recalls, a 20-30% decrease in excess inventory and obsolescence, a 25-35% reduction in lost sales, and a 4-5X productivity improvement through interconnected data models and improved collaboration.

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