Reimagine wealth management outcomes with Tredence Wealth Cosmos

Wealth managers face several challenges in obtaining a comprehensive 360-degree view of their customers to provide personalized and effective financial advice. From data siloes to limited personalization capabilities and poor integration with advanced analytics, lack of real-time data processing along with issues in scalability and flexibility, wealth managers face many hurdles in engaging and activating customers with fully orchestrated and personalized messages across all omnichannel touchpoints.

Tredence Wealth Cosmos is an end-to-end customer intelligence solution that integrates 1st and 3rd party data, harmonizes siloed data across multiple touchpoints to deliver enriched customer insights, and deeper insights into the drivers of customer behavior.

Why choose us?


Pre-configured wealth-specific data models & KPI stores


Pre-built data quality frameworks and data engineering pipelines


40+ AI/ML predictive models with pre-built ML notebooks

Drive personalized actions out of every wealth insight